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Luka Crnjak apartments are located in a small Dalmatian place Marina near the historic town of Trogir (12 kilometers).

You can get there by air (at Split airport), sea (in the Ferry to the port of Split, or their yachts in the harbor "Marina Agana"), and the highway Zagreb-Split.

HR map Map Pralisce from the air

If you come to his car, the highway can get off in Sibenik and move in the direction of Trogir and Split along the sea to the town Marina. Also, you can get off the highway in Prgomet descend toward the town of Trogir to Seget Donji, and again by the sea move in the direction of Sibenik , Where they will very quickly get to the place Marina.

It is necessary to say that the very near Marine are more Dalmatian, natural and religious centers; Split (about 35 km), Sibenik (about 40 km), Krka waterfalls (50 kilometers), Medjugorje (100 kilometers), so guests can visit and the cultural and historical content.

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Luka Crnjak
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